Australian Made Breather Kits for your 4 Wheel Driver Vehicle.

Essential low cost insurance for your expensive Diffs & Gearboxes!

BRC breather kits elevate the vents to your 4x4's differential housings and gearboxes to minimise the problems associated with many vulnerable factory vents.


Diffs Heat Up

You are driving off road for some time. Your drivetrain has heated up, including the air inside the differential housings and gearboxes. The hot air expands - increasing in volume and because it is enclosed, increases the internal pressure so the hot air attempts to vent to atmosphere. If the vent is blocked, the pressure could be sufficient to force the diff or gearbox oil out through the next weakest seal - eg. the wheel bearings.


Diffs Cool Down

You are still driving along, the drivetrain is still hot. You enter a creek crossing deep enough to submerge or seriously douse the undercarriage, the drivetrain is suddenly cooled. The air inside the differential housing and perhaps the gearbox is cooled, reducing in volume dropping the internal pressure below atmospheric pressure. The air from outside wants to get into the diff or gearbox to equalise the pressure. If the vent is blocked the air will attempt to enter another way, often via the pinion seal or wheel bearings - but if the hubs are under water it won't be air that gets in the diff housing, it will be water. Even if you have functioning factory diff breathers, they are useless if totally submerged in water.

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